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Loving Companionship for your pet while you are away

Your dog can relax at our clean facility without you breaking the bank

Relax on your vacation knowing your four-legged friend is safe being away from you. Our staff at Hickory Lake Boarding Kennels can maintain your dog's diet with the food you provide us with, as well as toys, bedding and treats to keep your pup happy!

Our clean and reasonable facility ensures all dogs have the proper vaccinations before staying with us. For all the dogs' protection, you must provide an updated vaccination record from your veterinarian with vaccinations for rabies, DHLPP-C and kennel cough (optional - if your pet does not have the bordetella vaccination you must sign a waiver to that effect)

Save at our affordable boarding facility

The day you drop off your dog is considered a full day charge as that kennel has been reserved just for you. On check out day, a reduced charge is available if you schedule to pick up your dog between 8:30-9am.


Puppy Care: We accept puppies 16 weeks and older at $25.00 per day until they reach 12 months of age.


Senior Dog Care: We accept senior dogs. There may be an extra charge of $2.50 per day for those that require extra, additional care.

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